what to expect

My patients come to me in a variety of circumstances. Few simply want my help to understand themselves better. Almost all are in some sort of pain and want relief. This is universal, regardless of any formal psychiatric diagnosis, the challenges of one’s background, or how well one’s life seems to be going.

While I can’t promise quick relief, I can promise to work with you to understand what’s going on and what you—and we—can do about that. It’s not fast, but the results, once we get there, tend to be lasting. I hope that by the time we wrap up you’ll not just be happy with how you’re meeting what comes but be able to appreciate the opportunity each challenge brings.

I work with all sorts of people. That said, if you’re in the active throes of an addiction that’s threatening your life, your job security, or your important relationships, then you probably cannot benefit yet from what I can give. Still, I’d be glad to help you find the more intensive treatment which will help so that we can start from a better place once you’re ready.

All you need to do is to keep your appointments, speak freely and pay your bills. It’s simple…and it’s hard work. Yet with our mutual commitment to our process, together we have a good chance to get you where you need to go.

J. D. Rice, M.D.
Portland, Oregon

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